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This Baracata method of spiritual cleansing is a simple and effective way to spiritually cleanse the body or cleans any object. The word BARACATA is pronounced BARAKATA, and it means “MAY BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU”, or “MAY BLESSINGS BE UPON THIS”. This single word is effectively powerful to spiritually bless anything for spiritual use. Example to bless water to become holy water; while holding a cup of water in your hand simply say ELOHIM BARACATA, and the water will instantly become holy water. In the same way, if you wish to bless anything such as even a pen for spiritual use, while holding the pen in your hand say ‘ELOHIM BARACATA”. If you wish to bless food simply say ‘ELOHIM BARACATA”. All these translate to “MAY GOD'S BLESSING BE UPON THIS” which is whatever you are holding in your hand.

In spirituality energy of some kind is always used as the source.  Something of value has to be sent to the spiritual realm that can be used as a source of energy to handle what we need here on earth and  you become the supplier of your own source of energy.  Energy is usually anything of value that we eat, drink, and consider of value to us and other human being on earth.  Example, our jewelry that we wear daily, such as earrings , necklace, rings, bracelet, precious stones, gold rings, diamond rings, money of all denominations and anything that we consider of value to us can be used as a source of energy to heal, open opportunities in our lives, protection, negotiate peace between friends, and basically most of our various needs.

By simply blessing something that is of value that you have on you, it can instantly build a resource in heaven that can be used to handle your needs here on earth.  This is the meaning of accumulating treasure in heaven.  Example, a necklace that we wear daily can be used unlimited number of times as a spiritual source of energy by simply blessing it.  Simply hold the piece of jewelry in your hand and say ELOHIM BARACATA.  This will instantly spiritualize that piece of jewelry and you will be surprised how things will turn out for you during that day or week..  The good thing is the actual physical thing remains with you for your personal use continuously.  

You may bless a bottle of wine before you drink it, and what you have done is, you have also given a spiritual bottle of wine to yourself as well as the physical bottle of wine. In this secret is the technique taught by God to make offerings of various things they eat. To perform this spiritual cleansing ritual the following items will be needed.  A SEAL OF GOD, A BOTTLE OF RED OR WHITE WINE, MONEY OF ANY REASONABLE VALUE SUCH AS $21 in any currency or a piece of jewelry to represent the money.  These items represents basic areas of our lives that we deal with daily. We deal with money in almost every transaction of our lives. The wine represents our highest form of drinks, and eggs are equivalent to the food that we eat daily. There is no need to sacrifice any animals in this ritual.  These tools are similar to the ones on the table of the MAGICIAN, in the tarot card.The first step in this ritual is to draw a seal of God.  You may draw the seal  to connect the entire ritual you are about to perform to GOD ALMIGHTY, EL SHADDAI. You may draw the seal on white paper, or on white handkerchief, or on the ground.

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